In My Haste I Said: All Men Are Liars

liars make good lovers.

ginny katelyn
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the basics
n a m e Ginerva Katelyn Ryane Weasley
nicknames Ginny, Gin. other silly ones from Fred and George.
a g e seventeen.
gender female.
d a t e o f b i r t h 11th August 1981
bloodline pureblooded.
h a i r fiery red.
eyes blue.
b o d y t y p e tall, thin. on the tan side from her time outdoors for quidditch and freckled. very attractive looking. usually in a good mood.

the girl
likes playing quidditch. alone time. her twins. her family.
r e s i d e n c e in a comfortable, lavish flat that is only sometimes occupied by Blaise, and always occupied by Ginny and the children, unless she has a game or practice.
profession Falmouth Falcons' Chaser.
l i f e s t y l e Since her sixth year, things began to pick up quickly for Ginny. At the end of it, she found herself in the doorstep of maternity and sincerely confused after being abused and raped by Michael Corner. After the end of school, Ginny went on to receive a place of Chaser for the Falmouth Falcons. Later, on August 10th, fifteen minutes before her actual birthday, she gave birth to twins, Lawrence Anthony and Alina Lynn. Only her twin brothers, Fred and George, were present for this, as well as Neville Longbottom, who delivered the twins. However, after four months into raising the two babies, Ginny fell into a post traumatic stress induced coma due to certain remembrances of the events of her rape. Under the care of the same Neville Longbottom, resident Mungo's Healer, it took her two months to come out of it, during which Lawrence and Alina were left under the care of close friend, Harry Potter, and her family. When she recovered, she spent a whole month off from the Falcons with her children, and then got back into the Quidditch season. Her life so far has been a pleasant pick up from where she was before.

the favourites
animal duck.
b o o k Gunslinger by Stephen King.
word quidditch.
f o o d chocolate.
month september.
c o l o u r red.
person her twins.

the love
m a r i t a l s t a t u s in a relationship.
orientation straight.
c u r r e n t r e l a t i o n s h i p s Blaise Zabini.
past relationships Colin Creevey. Seamus Finnigan. Michael Corner. Dean Thomas. Harry Potter.

the connections
father Arthur Weasley
mother Molly Weasley
brother [24] Bill Weasley
brother [23] Charlie Weasley
brother [22] Percy Weasley
brother [21] Fred Weasley
brother [21] George Weasley
brother [19] Ron Weasley

son [eight months] Lawrence Anthony Weasley-Zabini
daughter [eight months] Alina Lynn Weasley-Zabini